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an ICD-10 experienced full-service billing partner Specializing in maximizing your cash flow through efficient claims management
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We provide medical billing services to healthcare facilities in an effort to allow the physicians and nursing staff to focus on providing quality care to their patients.

I have over 25 years of experience and have personally hired and trained my entire staff. Clients will always be able to reach me with any of their needs as I am the main point of contact. I have many areas of expertise including pediatrics, podiatry, chiro, PT, and general practice.

Our software is HIPPA compliant and you can also utilize our software for appointment scheduling. Our Medical Billing software also provides real-time eligibility and can send out appointment reminders via text and email. This frees up front office staff time to concentrate on what matters “Patient Care”.

Our Clients

1st Class Medical Billing partners with various medical practices and clinics. With over 25 years of experience in various medical fields, we competently serve all doctors and medical facilities, irrespective of their area of specialization.

Our Goal

We aim at easing the paperwork of doctors, thus giving them more time to concentrate on offering the best care and services to their patients.

Specializing In

Full-Service Billing

We handle: Claims Submission, Claim Rejection Follow Up, Patient Statements, Patients Questions, Posting of all Payments

AR Management

Do you know what your current AR Report shows? At just a glance we can find any wholes or money not recovered. Within minutes we found 1 small practice $5,000.00 in uncollected Anthem money, due to a simple error.

Claims Follow Up

Leave timely calls to insurance companies for our staff to inquire on denials.

Patient Collections

Take money out of the office so you and your staff can focus on what counts “Patient Care”! We will work patient balances and only get the office involved when we are at a stand still.

Billing Practice

We can help you come up with in office procedures to save time and become more efficient.

At Your Service

We are always available for you and your staff. Here to answer any questions you may have.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Consistent Cash Flow

Providers write off huge losses each month. We are here to help them to collect at least XX% more than they did before. This can be achieved by collecting on unpaid claims and copays.

Patient Focus

Exceeding your patient’s expectations is the key to a successful practice. We save our providers an average of 10+ hours per week freeing up time to focus on the quality of care and the sustainable growth of your practice.


We keep up with the ever-changing, complex world of medical billing and we train our team in all of the new technology and procedures.


There’s always someone available to help with your questions—nine hours a day, five days a week.
1st Class Medical Billing

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  • "We have used Tina Morrow for our billing and collections for 5 years now. Her knowledge of billing and coding has benefited our office in many ways. Collections are consistent. Claims are sent out timely. She also makes our office aware of any issues with patients coming in. We have 3 separate entities in our office and she is highly recommended by all. "
    Brett Darrington, D.C. ATC
    Scott Blatt, D.C. ATC
    Westlake Village, CA
  • "Tina Morrow has been our biller for the last 22 years. Our claims are always filed in a timely matter. We have minimal rejections as she keeps up on new billing coding updates. Are AR is clean and our collection rate is currently at 100%. Our office has a great working relationship with 1st Class Billing."
    Kenneth L. Saul, M.D F.A.A.P.
    Thousand Oaks, CA
  • "We have been working with 1st Class Medical Billing for over 2 years, switching over was a great decision made. 1st Class Medical billing is reliable and prompt with processing all claims. The staff is very fast, efficient, friendly and are always available when needed and respond in a timely manner.
    Without a doubt we would recommend 1st Class Medical billing."
    Marlene D
    Glendale, CA
  • "We have been using 1st Class Medical Billing 􀀚 Tina Morrow for over ten years. They are ve1y professional in the way that they handle our patients. They have an online portal for payments, which patients find very helpful. We are able to get outstanding balances for our patients on a daily basis, as well as monthly reports of insurances billed, outstanding accounts receivables, and monthly money received. We highly recommend 1st Class Medical Billing-Tina Morrow without reservation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the above number."
    Scott Calig, M.D.
    West Hills, CA
  • "I am so grateful for your help with Medical Billing. I had a previous Billing service in earlier 2021 which did not get a single claim paid to me despite innumerable hours of discussion with them and Medicare. You were able to immediately submit my claims and they were rapidly approved and paid. I would highly recommend your billing service to anyone. Thanks again."
    Marc Segall, MD
    Woodland Hills, CA
  • "My husband and I have a busy practice in Westlake Village. Several years ago, we realized that our billing, which was being done in-house was completely disorganized; visits were not being billed, things were not being followed up, patients were not receiving invoices, etc. etc. We also realized that neither our office manager nor ourselves knew where to even begin to put the billing system back in order. This is when we first hired Tina Morrow, owner of 1st Class Medical Billing. She consulted with us, helped our secretary get things organized and implemented a system that would prove to be much more effective. During this time and then again, a year later when we hired new office staff Tina came in to train our office manager on how to better run our billing using the program we had in-house. Every office manager she has worked with has been extremely impressed and grateful not only for the amount of knowledge that Tina brings but also for her amazing ability to teach and train in a way that is clear, concise, and effective. Finally, last year, (when we once again had a change in office staff) we decided to out-source and hire Tina to do all our billing. This has been the best choice we have made. Our billing is now run more effectively than ever before; patients receive their invoices monthly, statements are consistently sent out on time, phone calls are returned immediately, and patient's questions are resolved quickly. We highly and unequivocally recommend First Class Medical Billing."
    Diane Dawe, MFT
    Woodland Hills, CA
  • "Dear doctors: The purpose of this letter is twofold: (1) to discuss Specialty Surgical Center and (2) Tina who handles your insurance. My surgery was January 31, 2012. On that date, and due to my high deductible, Specialty Surgical Center collected the sum of $2,000 from me prior to surgery. In addition to that sum, I have been paying your bills in full. Last week, I received a bill from you for S926.00. I was upset and mystified as to how my deductible still had not been met. Obviously, something was terribly wrong. I called Tina and asked her why my $2,000 had not been taken into consideration. It took several conversations and swapping faxes before Tina cracked the code. The $2,000 that I paid on the date of my surgery is not part of your billing. (Forgive me, my profession is law. That I can do. Insurance simply confounds me). I clearly remember Tina telling me "The problem is with the surgery center. They are either holding up a claim, or they submitted a faulty claim. Call them because they are holding up your deductible." Tina was right! As of May 16th, Specialty Surgical Center still had not submitted a claim. This failure to timely submit a claim (for which they were paid) put me in Deductible Limbo. I advised my healthcare provider of this problem, submitted my proof of payment, and my representative made immediate and continued attempts to contact them using the phone number on the payment slips. She left message after message and never received a return call. Only because she had her surgery at that very facility, and because she knows I live in that area, she called the Westlake Village facility and was able to speak with someone to help me resolve this. As of Monday, May 21st, the claim is finally in the system. That's 111 days after the date of surgery. I find this unacceptable. I also thought you'd appreciate knowing these facts: (l) Specially Surgical Center is remiss in their duties to submit their patients' claims in a timely manner, especially when they have collected their fees in advance and (2) Tina knows her business. I owe her many thanks and I have told her so. I will retire my debt to you upon resolution of this regrettable situation."
    Westlake Village, CA
  • "I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Tina Morrow. 1 have been in private practice Pediatrics in Thousand Oaks since 1999, and Mrs. Morrow has done my medical billing the entire time. Mrs. Morrow has a wealth of knowledge regarding insurance company policies, as well as medical billing codes. She submits the bills promptly, and upon receiving payment from insurance companies, sends statements to the patients in a timely manner. When a problem with non-payment arises, Mrs. Morrow was able to quickly and accurately determine the reason and resubmit the bill if necessary. Mrs. Morrow has also worked well with my office staff to resolve any problems with accounts receivable and will update my staff on a weekly basis regarding balances on accounts with patients who have scheduled office visits. This excellent communication has greatly expedited our collection of patient balances. In summary, Mrs. Morrow is honest, trustworthy, and experienced, and I have enjoyed working with her over the past sixteen years."
    Rhonda Gordon, M. D.
    Thousand Oaks, CA